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The step-by-step guide for marketing your real estate business to get continuous client leads.


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Maybe you...
  • don't have a clue what you should be posting on Facebook and Instagram
  • know you need to be on social media but can't seem to consistently show up
  • are overwhelmed with the idea of creating a sales funnel for your business - but know it's necessary to grow your brand

You could finally use social media to get
results for your real estate business and land new clients? 

Great news: You don't have to do it alone!

What if...

Here's what happens when you enroll in Socially Inclined Realtor

Follow my step-by-step guide for creating a brand your audience will instantly recognize

Create your brand

Use my proven method for creating a sales funnel to grow your network full of people in your exact target market

build your audience

Use your sales funnel for years to come and continuously gain new client leads!

get lasting results

Three years ago, I was struggling to get clients and my email list was nonexistent.

When I started managing social media accounts for Realtors in 2020, my mom was my only email subscriber and my Facebook group for Realtors had less than 20 members.

I struggled to reach my target audience and consistently bring on new clients...

i can help because i've been there

That is, until I cracked the code.

I figured out a strategic way to market my business and the businesses of my Realtor clients that brings continuous RESULTS.

Now I have more than 10K email subscribers and a thriving Facebook community of 60K people in my target audience! I continuously bring on new clients by simply nurturing the sales funnel I put in place.

Here's What You Need:

A clear and polished brand

As a Realtor, it's imperative to have a brand your community instantly recognizes and connects with.

A streamlined sales funnel

Everything you do to promote your real estate business needs to work together, otherwise, you're missing out on SO MANY potential clients.


Randomly posting on Instagram and sporadic marketing emails do not build client trust. A clear brand and consistent message lets your target audience get to know you and want to work with you!

"I've been rocking stellar numbers and I know my audience is engaged because they message me all the time!"

- Leander

Make real connections with buyers and sellers in your target market.

How does this sound?

Fill your email list with people who are excited to connect with you.



Here's what happens when you enroll in
socially inclined realtor:

Create a tribe of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Know your business will just keep growing with the strategic sales funnel you have in place.


The truth is, when you know how to market yourself you will get results!

To focus on your buyers and sellers instead of constantly wondering how you should be marketing your business


That you are doing things "the right way" - with a proven marketing funnel in place you'll continuously grow your audience and bring in new leads


Whether that's selling houses, family time, or a long bubble bath, you'll finally have the time to do what you love when 'marketing my biz' is checked off your to-do list!

More time to do what you love

"Natalie has helped us increase our social media presence significantly!"


Is This Course Right For You?

You're ready to finally focus on building your social media audience

You're overwhelmed by the thought of creating and implementing a strategy on your own

YOu WANT TO spend less time worrying about what to post and more time closing deals

You're tired of seeing other realtors killing it on social media and have no idea how to do it for yourself

you're ready to grow a network of people in your target market and continuously bring on new clients

  • Create a marketing funnel for lasting results
  • Build your brand
  • Create content using Canva
  • Schedule your social media content
  • Design a lead magnet to capture email addresses
  • Set up an email automation sequence
  • Build an engaged Facebook group
  • Optimize your Instagram profile
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Create Instagram stories and reels for your real estate business
  • Build your local network with in-person connections
  • Create Facebook ads for your business

Plus, you'll gain access to 180 Canva templates and post captions for real estate! That's one year's worth of posts ready for you to customize to fit your brand and post to your Facebook and IG accounts.

And you won't be in this alone! When you enroll in Socially Inclined Realtor, you are enrolling in a community of other course takers and mentors. We are here to help you succeed!

Have questions about this course before you enroll? We’re happy to answer those for you! Email your questions to

you'll learn how to:

In this course...

“If you're on the fence, let me just say taking this course is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- melissa

I can't wait for you to join our community of Realtors who have made the decision to invest in themselves and grow their businesses! When you enroll in Socially Inclined Realtor, you are enrolling into a community. Our Facebook group full of Realtors and other course takers is here to support you and answer any questions you may have along the way!

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is that a yes?


You need prior marketing experience to create your sales funnel.

TRUTH: This course teaches you EVERYTHING as if you were starting from zero. From the very basics of Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing, to building out your sales funnel, Socially Inclined Realtor is your step-by-step guide for consistently landing new clients. No matter where you're starting from - you're in the right place!


It's impossible to build a successful business without dedicating hours and hours per week.

TRUTH: I designed this short and to-the-point program specifically for women just like me: busy moms, who are also working, and don't have more than a few hours per week to put towards growing their business.

It takes just a few hours per week to get your funnel started, and then after that it's smooth sailing. All you'll need to do is nurture and maintain your audience while simultaneously expanding your network and bringing on new clients. 

I get it - you are BUSY and you don't have loads of time to dedicate to your marketing. Well that's great, because this course was designed just for you! 


Is there a Facebook group?

A: Yes! You will be invited to our Facebook group for Realtors and course takers where you will receive support from Natalie, as well as peer support, feedback, and networking.


What if I have questions for Natalie or the My Porch Social team?

A: We are always here to answer your questions and help you succeed! Tech support questions can be emailed to All other questions can be posted in our FB community and we will absolutely support you there!

will teach you the exact step-by-step roadmap required to go from wishful thinking (big audience, large income,...) to a profitable real estate business no matter your prior marketing experience or lack thereof.

Socially Inclined Realtor


What if I enroll and decide it's not for me?

A: Due to the digital nature of this course (and our confidence that you will LOVE the program) no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. Please be sure the course feels like a good fit for you before enrolling. (Email with any questions - we'd be happy to help!)

the possibilities of what your business and life will be like after completing Socially Inclined Realtor!

  • The ability to generate a big income month after month, year after year
  • The satisfaction of finally putting your time and attention into marketing your business
  • The freedom to spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about how to get clients
*assuming you do the work :)



How long will it take me to complete the coursework?

A: That is entirely up to you, your current schedule, and the amount of time you wish to dedicate to the material. Once you're enrolled, you have lifetime access to the course. You can go through the material at your own pace and it will always be available for you to reference.


What if I have questions/need help as I'm going through this course?!

A: The Socially Inclined Realtor course is entirely self-paced, HOWEVER, you will never be alone. Once you become a student, you will have access to our dedicated support team to answer any and all questions that arise. Please post any course-related questions in our FB community and email any tech support questions to:

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