Creating Your Real Estate Brand

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Creating your real estate brand
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Branding is so, so important for every business, and real estate is no exception. As a real estate agent, you always want to be focused on building your personal brand. You never know when you’ll change brokers or even go out on your own. Here are five ways you can start building your brand today.

  1. Create a slogan – I recommend always going with your first and last name, followed by a memorable slogan. Examples of this are:

    Lisa Ray | Your Denver Agent

    Lisa Ray | Your Mile High Realtor

    Lisa Ray | Selling Denver

    Use your slogan in your email signature, at the end of your social posts, in your logo, on your flyers, and anywhere else you are promoting yourself. Having a slogan helps make you stand out, appear professional, and creates a brand.

  1. Choose your colors & fonts – Have a look around at companies whose colors and fonts make an impression on you. Get inspiration from those who do it well. Spend some time in Canva choosing 3-5 colors that compliment each other. Be consistent with these colors and fonts in all your marketing efforts.

  1. Design a logo – Spend some time designing a professional logo in Canva, or outsource this to a designer. Once you have a logo, make sure you add it to your social media posts, flyers, email signatures, etc.

  1. Share content on a regular basis – Consistency in king on social media. Regularly show up for your audience with valuable content. We also recommend building your email list and sending out weekly emails Learn more about content all real estate agents should be posting here.

  1. Keep your voice consistent – Be your authentic self with your audience. This is a big part of building your brand. People want to work with a realtor they like, know, and trust. Letting your audience get to know you through social media fosters this relationship.

Want more tips on building your real estate brand? Head over to our Instagram page: @MyPorchSocial.

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I'm Natalie.

I'm a marketing expert, passionate about helping business owners like you harness the power of social media to grow your brand!

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